Deborah Harris, Inc specializes in intense, interactive, relative and comprehensive workshops and business training. I utilize quality training materials, a very energetic presentation style and contemporary presentation equipment.  My business training and professional organizational consulting educational workshops and presentations will help to elevate your organization. My substantive, but entertaining, approach to challenging subjects consistently earns me top evaluations and numerous requests for repeat performances.  Contact me today to learn more about my business consulting services.

My presentations extend from the Optimal Performance Collaborative System (OPCS), a research-based and experience-validated system, comprised of three continuously interactive components that ensure achievement of optimal performance in your corporation and organization. 



Utilizing a unique blend of intelligence (IQ) and emotion (EQ), individuals are taught to understand how they persuade and are persuaded (PQ) which is a core element in effective collaboration because it focuses on the process of influence.  Collaboration, when effectively cultivated, is the interaction of influences that produce collegial synergy. Achieving collegial synergy in an organization begins with learning how to understand and accept your own PQ first, then how to understand and accept the PQ’s of others. Identifying the PQ’s of individuals is accomplished by recognizing specific cues that facilitate on-the-spot identification versus an extensive checklist that is often very time consuming and impractical.


The process change component of the OPCS is embedded in the belief that you cannot change people. As a result, people must learn to process change versus merely understanding the change process.   Processing change begins with understanding how we construct meaning from our experiences.   Our experiences build knowledge stores that become foundations for constructing meaning. Every experience builds upon previous knowledge stores and facilitates continuous construction of meaning which influences our reactions to people and ideas. Processing change requires a reconstruction of meaning via the reexamination of knowledge stores.


Training without follow-up is virtually worthless. The impact of training is not determined by how informative or effective the presenter is, but rather how effective the implementation, which begins after the workshop. The follow up component of the OPCS provides extensive unobtrusive follow-up that encourages individual and collective accountability. Follow-up consist of, but is not limited to, coaching leaders in how to facilitate collaboration, coaching primary workforce on how to collaborate, facilitating personal development within a collaborative structure, group facilitation, conflict resolution, self-evaluation and effective communication. 

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